Choosing the Best Irrigation System for Your Needs

Choosing the Best Irrigation System for Your Needs

January 11, 2019

Are you in the market for a brand new irrigation system for your farm? If so, you’re going to need to consider the specific irrigation needs you have, as there are a wide variety of systems you can purchase for your farm, including center pivot irrigation in Briscoe County, TX.

Here’s a brief overview of some examples of these irrigation systems:

  • Hand-moved sprinklers: This type of system involves setting up aluminum piping to send water out from the water source to your crop fields. A single main line stretches out across the field with a series of pipes that can be moved to your desired location to irrigate the field in smaller sections. The primary benefit of such a system is that it’s going to be much less expensive than many of your other options. However, because it has to be moved by hand, it’s going to be much more labor-intensive. It’s probably not going to be a very practical option if you need an irrigation source to use for a massive area of land.
  • Handmoved big guns: This is a similar system in some ways to the aforementioned hand-moved sprinkler system, the primary difference being that it replaces about a dozen or more smaller, lower-volume sprinklers with one or two higher-volume big-gun sprinklers. These big guns cover significantly more ground without nearly as much labor required to achieve that spread of irrigation.
  • Solidset sprinklers: With this type of irrigation system, an entire field gets covered with laterals set in the field for the duration of the growing season. The primary benefit of this type of system is that it’s ideal for frost protection, and that it’s very easy to use, because you don’t have to worry about moving the pipes once they’re placed in the field. Instead, individual lateral lines can be controlled by the header valves up top, taking a whole lot of labor out of the operation of the equipment. Of course, there are some drawbacks, those being that it can be a very expensive system, and that the presence of the pipes can inhibit some other types of operations you might have in the field, such as spraying, cultivation and harvesting.
  • Center pivots: This system features a moving irrigation pipeline, in which water gets distributed throughout the entire length of the pipe. It pivots around a central, fixed-based water supply, which can also be used for the application of pesticides or herbicides. These systems are ideal for single-crop fields. There are high installation costs, but also very little labor needed after you get it set up. It can also help you save energy by supplying small amounts of water frequently rather than needing a constant flow of lots of water pressure. It’s ultimately the ideal system for many farmers.
  • Drip or trickle irrigation: Trickle irrigation delivers water only to the soil, through a tube that runs along the row. This is a very efficient irrigation system with regard to water usage, but freezing can result in blocked emitters and broken lines—this is not a system that will hold up to frost.

For more information about center pivot irrigation in Briscoe County, TX or any of the other various types of irrigation systems, contact Four Seasons Irrigation today.

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