Debunking Some Myths About Center Pivot Irrigation Systems

Debunking Some Myths About Center Pivot Irrigation Systems

April 11, 2019

If you’re an agricultural professional, you know firsthand about the importance of a quality irrigation system. In fact, you may be wondering what type of irrigation technology suits your crops and farming style best. There are several different types of irrigation that can help you optimize your crop production and save water, but the type of irrigation solution that you select ultimately depends on your own unique circumstances.

Center pivot irrigation in Briscoe County, TX is one of the most popular irrigation methods available. Unfortunately, a significant amount of misinformation circulates around center pivot technology. Additionally, there are a number of people who simply rely on outdated information regarding center pivot irrigation solutions. It’s important to ensure that you’re well informed about the latest technological developments when making a decision on which irrigation method suits your farm best.

Here are just a few myths to ignore when it comes to center pivot irrigation systems:

  • Pivot systems waste water through evaporation: One common myth is that because center pivot irrigation in Briscoe County, TX involves spraying water directly onto the soil from above, it results in a lot of water evaporating from the soil or being lost in the form of surface runoff. In fact, modern pivot systems are design to create large droplets that sink deeper into the soil.
  • You can’t use pivots with plants prone to foliar disease: Some crops, like tomatoes, are particularly vulnerable to foliar disease. Because of this, you can never spray water directly onto tomato leaves. Many people believe this means that you can’t use a center pivot system to irrigate tomatoes. In fact, you can alter and adjust the pivot to change its irrigation method depending on the crop and stage of the growing cycle.
  • Pivots are more expensive than other irrigation methods: Another misconception is that center pivots are substantially more expensive than other irrigation technologies. In fact, center pivot systems often last much longer than other irrigation technologies, meaning that you’re making a long-term investment in your ability to irrigate your farm when you purchase a center pivot irrigation system in Briscoe County, TX.
  • Pivots can’t irrigate corners efficiently: You don’t have to install water-wasting end guns to irrigate the corners of your field with a center pivot irrigation system. In fact, you can purchase swing arms for your system from your favorite provider of center pivot repair in Briscoe County, TX. These swing arms will allow you to efficiently and effectively irrigate the corners of your fields.

Since 2006, Four Seasons Irrigation has been a trusted source of center pivot repair in Briscoe County, TX. We’re proud to provide high-quality irrigation solutions to the entirety of our client base. We offer dependable center pivot irrigation advice, repair and maintenance. We’re your one-stop shop for all of your irrigation needs. Reach out to one of our friendly representatives today to learn more about the ways in which center pivot technology can help you improve yield on your farm, and to learn more about how Four Seasons Irrigation can provide you with quality irrigation solutions.

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