What's Needed to Dig a Trench for Center Pivot Installation in Briscoe County, TX

What’s Needed to Dig a Trench for Center Pivot Installation in Briscoe County, TX

July 24, 2019

In agriculture, thorough irrigation methods are essential to the success of crops. Without the proper irrigation methods in place, crops suffer, and so does your bottom line. To ensure the greatest success possible for your crops, it’s important to invest in the best irrigation methods available. One of the most effective irrigation methods for large agricultural plots is center pivot irrigation. If you’re considering investing in center pivot installation in Briscoe County, TX, it’s important to consider how this method works and what kinds of preparatory steps are necessary prior to installation.

Center pivot basics

With center pivot irrigation, sprinkler equipment rotates around a central anchor point in a field. As the sprinklers water the crops, wheels rotate through the field, creating a circular pattern that offers even and consistent irrigation across an agricultural plot. The equipment that extends out from the center pivot is mobile, but the center pivot itself is anchored into the ground. Because of the weight of the equipment used in center pivot irrigation and the importance of securing a central point for this system, land owners have to begin by digging a trench where the center pivot will be installed.

Trench digging for center pivot installation

Digging a trench can be a lot more complicated than some land owners realize. The difficulty of this task will vary depending on a wide variety of factors, including the state of the soil and the size of the system that’s being installed. There are a few important steps in the trench digging process, regardless of the specific factors that apply in your situation:

  • Determine trench dimensions: First, you need to determine the specifics of the trench you are digging, including the length, width, depth and desired placement. As you plan these dimensions, you should stake out the site with markers and string so you know exactly where you’ll be digging.
  • Select equipment: You will likely need heavy equipment to dig your trench. There are many different types of machines that might work for a trench digging project, but it’s important to consider factors like equipment capacity, weight and footprint when you’re making a decision.
  • Hire a professional: You need to find a professional who has the experience and certification necessary to help you with your project. At the very least, you will need to hire a professional to operate the equipment, but many landowners choose to contract the entirety of their center pivot installation in Briscoe County, TX to an irrigation company.

Schedule center pivot installation in Briscoe County, TX

If you’re looking for professional help with center pivot installation in Briscoe County, TX, reach out to Four Seasons Irrigation. For years, we have been providing our customers with comprehensive irrigation services across a variety of applications. Whether you need service for an existing system or you are looking for a brand-new irrigation system entirely, we are the team to call. Reach out to us today to find out more about everything we have to offer and to get started with a free consultation and quote.

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