Checklist to Identify Issues with Your Center Pivot Irrigation System

Checklist to Identify Issues with Your Center Pivot Irrigation System

August 28, 2019

Center pivot irrigation systems are an efficient agricultural tool that can be used to provide even, consistent irrigation to fields of all sizes. There are a number of benefits associated with using the center pivot irrigation system, including its versatility, durability and efficiency.

Like all good machinery and equipment, however, center pivot systems often need maintenance and repair to continue operating successfully. If you believe that your center pivot system is experiencing some trouble, you’ll want to identify the source of the problem so that you can engage in center pivot repair in Briscoe County, TX.

Because center pivots are relatively easy machines to use and maintain, problems with a center pivot irrigation system can usually be diagnosed with the help of a simple center pivot checklist in Briscoe County, TX. Here’s a quick, easy checklist that you can use to determine what problems your center pivot irrigation system may be experiencing:

  • Match the pump and pivot: Make sure that your pump and pivot system are compatible before booting up your center pivot irrigator. Your pivot system should include information on the recommended pump speed and voltage.
  • Operate at designated pressure: Always operate your pump and center pivot irrigation system at the recommended pressure. If your crop watering needs exceed your system’s capacity, invest in a new system or talk to an expert about other options.
  • Check for leaks and plugs: Examine the center pivot system while it’s running for any plugged sprinkler holes, and give it a once-over for leaks that may be reducing water pressure and performance. Repair any plugs or leaks immediately.
  • Observe outermost span: Both during and after watering, pay close attention to the outermost span of the center pivot system. If there’s reduced infiltration, you may need to adjust the center pivot system accordingly, or reevaluate your soil tillage.
  • Invest in maintenance: You should plan to invest in routine maintenance for your center pivot system on a regular basis. This means you’ll have to inspect and repair the mechanical and electrical components of the irrigation system from time to time.

If you’re in need of center pivot repair in Briscoe County, TX, call the local experts at Four Seasons Irrigation. We’re the region’s premier providers of center pivot irrigation technology sales, installation, service and repair. While we primarily work with Reinke irrigation systems, we’re capable of repairing and servicing center pivot systems produced by any manufacturer.

As a proud member of the National Federation of Independent Business, we understand how challenging it is to operate a small business, and are committed to helping your get your agricultural operation back up and running as quickly and as affordably as possible. We can also help you mitigate water loss and reduce your operating expenses by installing more efficient and effective irrigation technologies.

To learn more about ways that can help you optimize your irrigation technology, or to ask for assistance when going through your center pivot checklist in Briscoe County, TX, reach out to one of our friendly experts today.

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