Common Questions About Irrigation Wells

Common Questions About Irrigation Wells

November 29, 2019

If irrigation service in Briscoe County, TX is a new thing for you, it is likely you have questions about your irrigation well. It is also likely that, even after farming for several years, the need for a new system or extensive repair also has you seeking a thorough FAQ about your irrigation system. Here are some of the most common questions and answers about irrigation wells.

What is an irrigation well?

The irrigation well provides water to a sprinkler system rather than a home. It may also provide any other outdoor water. Like your home well, it is a natural water source and will not result in any water or sewer charges.

How is an irrigation well installed?

Irrigation wells are professionally drilled on your land. An irrigation expert chooses an access point large enough to accommodate the heavy equipment while also giving you an effective access point to the water. There also needs to be room for technicians to enter and exit your property. Once the well is drilled, an irrigation or landscape company needs to install the sprinkler system.

Where should the well be located?

This is an important consideration. Wells located far away from homes or sprinklers are more expensive due to the fact that you need more pipe to move the water. However, you also need to make sure it is not too close to your home, shops or barns in case you decide to expand on any of these structures.

Local laws may also contain restrictions. This includes limits on how close the well can be to a property boundary or any wetlands. If there are other wells on your property, the irrigation well may have to be at least 100 feet away from those wells.

How long will drilling take?

Well drilling requires one to three days to complete. Sometimes, a quick job only takes half a day. Factors include ground formations, water access and the amount of time it takes to bring a truck onto your property. Every site is different, and it is likely we will run into conditions where we have no control. We will inform you if for any reason drilling is likely to take more than three days.

What are the environmental impacts?

The environmental impacts are minimal. The well draws only a small amount of water for use and then returns it to the ground, which restores your water reserves. Water is also untreated, unlike municipal water sources, so chemicals like fluoride are not released into the environment.

Is the water safe?

Unlike residential wells, the water for irrigation does not have to be potable. However, as you likely wish to avoid cross-contamination between the wells, it is a good idea to test your water, especially if you are growing food plants. The test will check for dangerous bacteria and ensure the safety of your water. In most cases, well water from general and irrigation wells is safe to drink.

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