Increase Your Overall Efficiency with Regular Pump Maintenance

Increase Your Overall Efficiency with Regular Pump Maintenance

November 15, 2019

Keeping on top of irrigation pump maintenance in Briscoe County, TX is essential if you want to maintain consistent irrigation. Your system cannot operate without a pump, and when you skip maintenance, you risk breakdowns. This is true whether your pump is below or above ground. Here are six ways to improve the performance of your irrigation pump:

  • Check your water levels: The water levels in your well can change over time and place new pressures on your pump. Higher water levels put extra pressure on your pump by requiring that it run more often, while low water levels risk air entrapment in the column pipes and also slow down the water supply. You will want to readjust your pump to adapt to these changes.
  • Maintain lubrication levels: Like your vehicle, your irrigation pump requires lubrication. Turbine pumps can be lubricated with either water or oil, and either way, the levels need to be maintained. If the pump is not operating, check lubrication levels and refill them whenever necessary. Water-lubricated pumps are usually self-maintaining, so if the water is low, there is likely a leak or other issue. Oil-lubricated pumps require regular maintenance to ensure the pump has enough oil to remain running. Use the type and grade of oil recommended in your user’s manual and follow OEM recommendations.
  • Look out for leaks: Centrifugal pumps contain seals that may leak air or oil. A new installation may leak every day until the seals break in, and you will have to monitor it. If it does not reduce to nearly nothing, you will have to double-check seal installation to make sure it was completed correctly. If the pump does not have mechanical seals, use packing rings to seal leaks. It is likely you may have to replace the seal and the sleeve to fully resolve the leak.
  • Change out grease: During irrigation season, the pump will accumulate debris, and that will threaten its efficiency. At the start of the season, run the pump until you expel all of the surplus grease. When the season ends, pump in new grease until it replaces all the old grease.
  • Electrical work: It is recommended that you reserve electrical work to a professional. Have an electrician experienced in irrigation pumps check your system every year to ensure all electrical connections are secure and the motor is working at its full amperage. You will also need to lubricate the electric motor bearings using a hand-operated grease gun. This is something you can do on your own if you prefer to save money on electrician fees.
  • Check piping: Suction and discharge piping must be well supported and restrained near the pump. The noise and vibration from the pump can shake piping loose, and that can cause pump failure. Keep the piping secure and reduce this possibility.

Four Seasons Irrigation offers irrigation pump maintenance in Briscoe County, TX and the surrounding areas. If you require a free estimate on any of our products or services, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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